Menucopia integrates seamlessly with the following POS systems:


Otter can be used as a standalone POS (tablet and printer) for online orders only or they can help you integrate your orders into any of the POS systems they are integrated with. Otter can also help you bring your delivery services together. Otter aggregates and sends orders from online channels directly to integrated POS, ensuring you have all orders in one system,and that digital and physical channels are reported side by side, without manual effort and errors.


MobiPOS is an iPad point of sale system that is built specifically for the retail, food & service industry. Founded in 2012, the company has innovated continuously, constantly looking for suitable solutions to increase the restaurant’s productivity. The end result is a system that is simple yet comprehensive.

Clover (via Order Integrations)

Order Integrations seamlessly integrate with Clover to help streamline orders and eliminate errors from manually inputting online orders. Orders will move to your POS once accepted, sending sales totals, taxes and printing to your POS set up printers.


QuickPOS specializes in customised POS systems for Dine in, Take out, Delivery and Catering restaurants. We provide turnkey solutions including Scan-to-order, Scan-to-pay, Mobile ordering, Loyalty program apps, Kiosk system, Reservation and Lineup system. Working closely with the online ordering system, QuickPOS creates robust systems that help restaurants meet the unique needs of their business and their customers.

If your POS system is not listed, we can quote you on a custom integration – contact for details.

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